CTK Singles League

Saturdays- CTK Singles League

TD-Jaimen Hume

Every Wednesday at Christ the King Center . Weekly singles league open to disc golfers of all abilities.  Meet at 4:45 tee off at 5pm. $10, 8 to payouts, 1 to ace pot, 1 to course fund. 

League Information


    • Players are paid out based only on stroke play
    • Ties for first will be settled among players
  • Advanced, Intermediate, Rec, and Women’s equivalents
    • First 2 weeks all payouts will be based on best raw score 
    • Week 3 and on payouts will be split, with $4 of your entry going to stroke play within your division and $4 going to a handicap pool which will contain all amateur divisions.
    • People who join the league later on will only be charged $6 for the first two weeks and their scores will be omitted from the handicap side until their handicap is established.


Calculating Handicaps:

Handicaps are established by averaging your score in relation to par of your last four recorded rounds at the CtK singles league and then multiplying that average by .9. Uneven handicaps will be rounded down if below .5 and up if above it.


w1 w2 w3 w4 Handicap
Joe Schmoe 65 (+5) 61 (+1) 68 (+8) 64 (+4) (4.05) 4



  • All PDGA Rules apply
  • Putt within arm’s reach of the basket will be ruled a gimme at the card’s discretion
  • You must be ok with small changes in schedule (i.e. your tee time moving by 10 minutes or me adding someone to your card). These changes will always be made by 5pm the day before
  • Cheating will result in immediate disqualification and the player will not be allowed to return



The league will be trickle start with tee times starting every 10 minutes to avoid crowding. You can show up early to warm up or explore the property, but please do not congregate around hole 1. All participants must sign in at the welcome center.

Tee times will be filled first-come, first-serve throughout the week before the league. Tee times can be reserved by sending the entry fee to Jaimen with paypal.

The 11:00 and 12:00 tee times are reserved in case someone is late.