auto insurance industry employee?

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auto insurance industry employee?

Post by timdef » Tue Jun 03, 2014 7:21 pm

i have a question for someone with actual knowledge of the subject matter regarding a claim made in an accident i was NOT at fault for... guy backed in to me in a parking lot. clearly, in my opinion and his (he apologized), he was at fault. I was sitting in my car in the same spot for like 30 seconds... didn't move an inch (waiting for lady at gas pump to move herself and her car.

guy somehow did not see me and backed in to me. fast-forward: his insurance company said they are accepting 95% of the blame. This has a $ impact, for sure. I am wondering though, if me accepting 5% fault somehow has some other adverse impact on me (driving record in LexisNexis or whatever). Do I fight or take the easy 95% payment? the money piece makes it obvious... take it and move on. BUT i do NOT want to suffer a driving record blemish (used by insurance companies in future quotes, etc) if i dont have to


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Re: auto insurance industry employee?

Post by MichiganJeff » Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:28 pm

Not your fault even 2%...... Stand your ground.
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Re: auto insurance industry employee?

Post by kenjiac » Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:51 pm

I had a similar situation. I was coming up to a green light with a line of cars on the left waiting to turn left. A guy coming the other direction going to take a left on a side st comes out of the line of cars and tries to cross in front of me. Rainy day i slam on the brakes but can't slow enough and catch his rear passenger side bumper. His insurance tried to state that i was partially to blame for not being able to stop in time. They tried to cut me a low ball check. I decided to go through my own insurance and make the claim. The check was smaller at first due to my $500 deductible. But by doing so my insuraance company went after the other insurance and got 100% of the cost covered i just had to wait like 8-9 months for the deductible to be returned. This only work if your car has collision/compensation coverage. So in other words make the claim on your own insurance and let them do the fighting for you. My rates didn't go up or anything.
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