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Re: mountain biking

Post by kenjiac » Thu May 19, 2011 9:37 am

Hey Dylan sorry to hear about the mountain bike trails. I have never been on them but I hear they have quite a reputation for being an outstanding course. I just want to inform all the DG'ers that our course is not in any jeopardy. We (DisCap BOD) strive to make sure we jump though all the proper hoops before we do anything on the course. I was having a conversation with Bob Hoffman about the trails last saturday at the park clean up. He was discussing the bike trails with powers that be and conveyed that they want the mountain bikers to be more like us in the fact that we plan, show the plans, and make sure to get local feedback before we take steps to improve or alter CPS. Please keep us informed on what we may do to help the trails stay open Dylan.
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Re: mountain biking

Post by MichiganJeff » Tue May 24, 2011 8:00 am

The issue of the moutain bike trails was brought up at yesterdays City Council meeting. A few "representatives" of the group that rides there were in attendance to discuss it. The Council is most concerned about public safety and damage to the wooded areas. The bikers seemed willing to work with the City to come up with a plan to still allow the bikers to ride there but will require some redesign/modification to the trails.

There is a meeting scheduled tonight at 6pm in room 110, with the city rec dept.
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