Hyzer Creek (Private Course)

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Hyzer Creek Disc Golf Course is located in Saratoga County near Galway, NY.

Hyzer Creek is an 18-hole, par 61 disc golf course about 13 miles west of Saratoga Springs, New York. It has hills and water, open holes, woods holes, long “grip and rip” holes, and tight finesse holes. Overnight camping is free, with advance notice given to the owner. This course is in the southern Adirondacks in a very rural, quiet area. Course length 6080 feet with 13 par 3 holes, 3 par 4’s, and 2 par 5’s. Elevation changes on almost every hole. Course record is 50.

Hyzer Creek is a private course owned and operated by Morgan Wright, a local disc golfer, who built the course by allowing people to adopt fairways and sponsor pins, and can play for free if they do. Course is open 24/7 all year, unless buried under snow. Visitors welcome if they sign a liability waiver and leave a donation if inclined.

Course Rules:

  • Keep the course clean.  Cigarette butts are trash!
  • Please respect the course.  Do not harm plants or trees when you play.
  • A $5 donation is expected. Liability form must also be signed. This is a Private course whose owner does all the upkeep. Envelopes, and liability waiver, are located in the fridge. Please put envelopes through the slot in the door.
  • Leave the course better than you found it.
  • Please enjoy the course.
  • 1. All PDGA courtesy rules apply.-O/B surrounded by water includes rocks/logs/etc. in the creek that have water flowing around them
    -Ladder bridges on 1, 3, 16 & 18 are OB if water is flowing underneath.

    Hole #1 –O/B creek to left and rear of pin. String on the near bank, far bank is well defined.
    Hole #2 – Road behind is OB
    Hole #3 – O/B creek in front/sides of pin. String is the line.
    Hole #5 – Beware of discs from hole 4
    Hole #8 – Water left of pin is O/B(in woods).
    Beware of discs from hole 7
    Hole #9 – O/B creek on either side of road.
    Beware of discs from hole 8
    Hole #12 – O/B creek/water at bottom of hill.
    Defined by flags, NOT string.
    Throw provisional if tee shot goes into trees.
    Hole #16 – Pin in O/B creek, by stakes/string.
    Flags are to help find stakes/string.

    Hole #18 – O/B creek runs across fairway.

    One meter relief from O/B where disc crossed any O/B line.

Download the scorecard for Hyzer Creek Here