Central Park

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Central Park Disc Golf Course is located in Central Park in Schenectady (follow these directions for parking near Hole 1). It is owned by the City of Schenectady.
In the heart of the City of Schenectady is its Crown Jewel: Central Park. The park boasts some of the best tennis and baseball facilities in the region. Since 2011, it also has an eighteen hole disc golf course with DisCatcher baskets.
The course starts at the kiosk where you are invited to sign in so we can track the court’s usage. It winds its way through the park, showing golfers all of its wonderful aspects. Holes 1 through 5 are in the woodlands area, holes 6 through 11 weave by the tennis courts and picnic areas and over a creek. Passing the dog park, hole 12 is by the award winning Rose Garden and shoots up Monument Hill – one of the highest points in Schenectady. Holes 13 through 16 take you up into an older wooded areas and back down near sledding hills to Iroquois Lake and beautiful views of the iconic Central Park fountain. Hole 17 repasses the Rose Garden, where you can view over 300 different varieties of roses. Hole 18 requires a shot over a creek and back to the kiosk.
The different aspects of the park create a very diverse disc golf course with challenging wooded fairways, shots over creeks and up and down hills. If you are an experienced golfer, play from the blue tees. If you are just starting, or just playing for fun, the white tees will be more enjoyable.

Course Rules:

  • Keep the course clean.  Cigarette butts are trash!
  • Pedestrians and park go-ers have the right of way. Make sure the path is clear before you throw.
  • If your disc goes into the stadium tennis court do not try to retrieve it.  We will retrieve it and return it to you.
  • Please respect the course.  Do not harm plants or trees when you play.  Leave the park better than you found it.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in Central Park.
  • Please enjoy the course.

Doubles League Play (not a DisCap sponsored event:)

  • 5:00pm Thursdays
  • Random Draw – Best Shot Doubles
  • Newbies always welcome
  • Format varies

There are 18 Holes at Central Park, each with a Pro Tee (blue) and an Amateur Tee (white)
Central Park 18 hole scorecard

Previous Course Sponsors:

  • Park View Cemetery
  • Northeast Pest Control
  • Northeastern Fine Jewelry
  • Naviasky Law Firm
  • The Gazette Newspapers
  • Dick & Shirley
  • Dr. David A. Betts, DDS
  • Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney
  • Play It Again Sports