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PostPosted: Tue May 23, 2017 1:40 pm 

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First off I am 36 and just started playing this year and I am still baffled on why it took me so long to play this fantastic sport. I absolutely love it . Thatcher is the first course I have played and I have been around the track 5.5 times now . I was thinking about makeing some signs to point any new players to the next tee ex. from 10th hole to the 11th tee, and a few other places . Other than that I feel the lay out is pretty good. If anybody has the correct distances on the holes could you reply on this tread ? I didn't know that there was a map so I have been playing this as a par 59 , holes 1-9 par 3s , 10-11-12, par 4 , 13-14-15 par 3s , 16 a short par 4 , 17 par 3 , and 18 par 4. Am I close ? Also on 16 my friends and I have been teeing off on a elevated concrete slab located a little bit behind the tee, that is fun and makes the hole play a little different, I suggest trying that if you haven't already. Please let me know if there is a tournament in the works up there , would love to give it a go and learn from the experienced players. Also just an FYI , on June 10th I plan on going up with 8 or 10 of my buddies and playing a morning individual round then BBQ and beers then pair up best score with worst score in the afternoon for a 2 man scramble . It is very very informal , a lot of us have just started playing this year and a couple of my friends have been playing for 5 or so years . Again still up in the air but if you are interested let me know. Cheers!!

PostPosted: Wed May 24, 2017 7:46 am 

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I also played this course for the first time yesterday evening.

Regarding the distances, you can find them in the other thread here (I pasted them below):


#1) 329'
#2) 203'
#3) 228'
#4) 195'
#5) 137'
#6) 345'
#7) 251'
#8) 171'
#9) 165'

10: 455' / +5 (P4)
11: 472' / -2 (P4)
12: 530' / +14 (P4)
13: 225' / +6' (P3)
14: 258'/ +4' (P3)
15: 366' / +10' (P3)
16: 540 / +-2 (P4)
17: 207' / -1 (P3)
18: 337' / -6 (P3)

Front 9 Par: 27 (I am assuming)
Back 9 Par: 31 (from the other thread)

Agree that signs are needed (on teepads and also direction to the next hole). Even with the maps I had some trouble finding tee pads, especially #3. Without the maps I would have been seriously lost. Not a huge fan of the front 9 but the back 9 was a lot better. Overall I really enjoyed the location and the views were great off 15/16, First time I had even been to Thatcher Park. Planning on coming back, but I am only really in the area during the week for work (I live in Glens Falls).

PostPosted: Wed May 24, 2017 9:44 pm 

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Thanks man . Hope to see you up there

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