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Work days are listed in the forum. PLEASE VOLUNTEER !!


Joralemon Park is located in Coeymans, NY on Strarr Rd (Rt 102). It is town park owned by the Town of Coeymans.

Preservation of rare wildflowers and plant life in the areas of original holes 14-18 have compelled the redesign of the Disc Golf Course. Part of the course has been re-designed to include new holes across the road on the eastern side of the park. We are extremely thankful to the Town of Coeymans for allowing us to install not just the 5 relocated baskets but also another 9 new baskets across the road!

The town has also been generous enough to actually purchase these 9 extra baskets for us! The new baskets have already been placed as of this date and tees and signs are still being worked on right now. Now J-Park is a massive 28 hole course! We will continue to maintain an 18-hole loop which will include several new holes across the road. Please keep the park rules in mind at all times. The beautiful Joralemon Park’s disc golf course is a real treat for the Capital Region, offering a great mix of tight wooded holes and open fairways with baskets in guarded positions – for players of all skill levels, yet challenging for the more experienced players!

This course encourages players to learn new throws and expand your game! It requires knowledge of a variety of shots from hyzers and anhyzers to controlled distance drives and rollers. Most holes offer several choices for your shot as well.

The golf baskets are Lightning DB5s with added double inner chains. Tees are concrete paver tiles. The town maintains the park areas but most the course maintenance is volunteer-based and we occasionally gather to trim fairways and spread mulch. To join a work crew and volunteer your time maintaining the natural beauty of this disc golf course and park, please keep an eye on the discussion forum to see when work days are scheduled. Enjoy the moss-covered rock outcrops, wildflowers, and mature trees. Explore both sides of the course!

Course Rules

  • Open from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.
  • Alcohol is prohibited.
  • Park is carry-in carry-out.  Cigarette butts are garbage too.
  • Please avoid damaging any plants or flowers.
  • Take precautions against ticks and poison ivy — they are both here!

League Play

  • 5:00pm Tuesdays, Mid March thru September
  • Random Draw A/B/C Best Shot Doubles
  • Newbies always welcome

There are three main layouts to play at J-park.

  1. The first 18 hole layout “J Park West” starts to the left of the pavilion near the Kiosk at Hole 1. Holes are played 1-11, 12b, 22-27
    J Park west 18 hole scorecard
  2. The second 18 hole layout, “J Park East” or the “Kenji 18″ plays holes 4-5,9-24 (play 12a)
    J park east 18 hole scorecard
  3. The entire 27 hole layout is 1-12a,13-27, skipping hole 12b.
    J Park 27 hole scorecard